Finally, Wisconsin

On a cold, snowy day Marco spotted Wisconsin right on Plaza Street, around the corner from home.  Still to go: Alaska, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.Wisconsin


Ikea is a license plate hotspot. Who knew?

Pablo spotted Arizona on our June 29th Ikea run, then good pal Pascale found Oklahoma in just about the same spot on July 14th.  We have five more states to go.  I see more Ikea trips in our future.



We’re back – with vintage Iowa

Thanks to Carlene, mom to Pablo’s pal Tessa, we have our first posting in 10(!!) months.  We are back on the quest.  Only 7 states to go.  Stay tuned!Vintage Iowa

Tracking down Tennessee

We were in Miami visiting our families when we spotted Tennessee.  We happened to be in a car with Abuelo (Lisa’s dad), driving around Miami Beach.  We made him follow the car until we were able to get a good shot.  Here is the best one of the bunch.

Missouri by the Big Brooklyn Dig

Pablo and I spotted Missouri today on our way to school – right by the Brooklyn Nets etc building site. 8 to go!

Wyoming – Yeehaw!

We found Wyoming.  Pablo looked at the license plate and said “Yeehaw!”  I totally get it.

Marco spots North Dakota at Key Food